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The IRXON KB850 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is a palm-sized 83 keys wireless keyboard. It gives you all the advantages of a full-size keyboard and can connect via Bluetooth HID prorocol to almost any information appliance, including: PCs, Mac OS PCs, Laptops, Series 60 phones, Android phones, iPhones...  with the use of an appropriate Bluetooth HID driver.  It can directly connect to Windows Mobile system PDAs and phones, pair and then use, no need of third party drivers.

• The mini keyboard is fully compliant with the Bluetooth SIG specification for human interface devices and the version 2.0 Bluetooth specification, including adaptive frequency hopping and fast connection, which are essential to keyboard applications in personal computers.
• Lowest power consumption solution provides 1 year typical usage time with 2 AAA alkaline battery. You also can use lithium or rechargeable AAA batteries in the mini keyboard. To conserve battery power, turn your keyboard off when you aren’t using it.
• QWERTY keyboard layout design conform to your input habit. All 83 keys is corresponding to keys on a standard full-sized keyboard.
• By using Nokia Wireless Keyboard software, the Mini Keyboard can be used with Nokia phones with the Series 60 user interface that support Bluetooth wireless technology.
• Directly connect to Windows Mobile system PPC and phones, pair and then use it, no need of third party HID drivers.
• Optimized radio provides long-range, interference-free operation in high-interference environments.
• Transmitter provides +4 dBm output power and satisfies Class 2 operation, receiver provides -82 dBm receiver sensitivity.


• Protocol: Bluetooth specification v. 2.0
                 Bluetooth HID Profile v. 1.0
• Frequency range: 2.4-2.4835GHz  ISM
• RF output power: Class 2. up to 4bm as maximum, good for your health with lowest radiates
• Receiving sensitivity: -82bm (standard)
• Operating range: up to 10 meters
• Dimensions: 140 x 72 x 13 mm (5.5” x 2.8” x 0.5”)
• Weight (including battery): 87 grams (3.1 ounces)

• Can KB850 be used in cell phones and PPC. Can you send me some software?
We don't develop Bluetooth HID drivers to make PDA and phones work with mini keyboard.
• You can download Blueinput software to use the keyboard with windows mobile 5.0 and higher.
Or download Nokia_Wireless_keyboard to use the keyboard with Nokia S60 Phones.

• I'm going to buy a KB850 bluetooth keyboard for my mediacenter system, but I need to know if it works under a linux system, because my mediacenter is linux powered.
• If your linux system support bluetooth and bluetooth HID protocol, then you can use KB850 keyboard.
What's the default password of the mini keyboard? I have tried : 1234, 0000, 850, KB850, but it is wrong.

• KB850 has 83 keys, it can type any kinds of password.
• Type password in your device, then type the same password with KB850 keys, finally press ENTER on KB850, your device will be paired with KB850 bluetooth keyboard.
Package Contents
• Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
• Quick Start Guide
• AAA batteries X2  (Optional)
• Mini Bluetooth Adapter X1 (Optional)
Quick Start Guide
1, Open battery cover of the Mini keyboard by pressing the cover and sliding to the direction of arrow.
2, Insert two AAA batteries into battery compartment.
Ensure that the correct polarity is observed when inserting batteries.Do not mix batteries of different types, brands, or ages.
3, Replace the battery cover.

4, Turn on power by sliding the switch to ON position.

5, Press and release the CONNECT button.

The bluetooth pair light blink fast red light (approx. once per second), it is in discoverable mode. This is the state that allows it to be detected by other Bluetooth device.

6, Begin a device detection on PC, Phone or PDA, and locate the mini bluetooth keyboard among any found devices.
7, To pair the keyboard with your Bluetooth device, enter a passkey of your choice (1 to 9 digits) or use a passkey given by Bluetooth stack software on your device. Then, type the same passkey number on the mini Bluetooth keyboard. When finished, press the <Enter> key on the mini keyboard.
The mini keyboard has no fixed passkey, because it can type passkey on its own. After you are prompted to enter your passkey, you must manually type the passkey on mini keyboard, and then press the ENTER key of the mini keyboard.
8, When the bluetooth pair light turns off, the mini keyboard is connected to your Bluetooth device and is ready for use. If the keyboard is closed, or either is idle too long, the connection will be broken. To reconnect, press any key on the mini keyboard to reestablish the connection.